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Manna Munchies Kale Chips

The particular flavor I have out is the Curry Bliss. I sampled like all their flavors at last year’s Green Festival (they’re skipping Chicago this year so if Veganmania hasn’t completely morphed into an animal rights psycho party I will be there instead) and this was either a recommendation or a personal preference, maybe a little of both.


Anyway they’re not capsaicin-spicy but they definitely have a good hint of turmeric and other delicious spices that are hella familiar to me. There’s a tiny bit of a greasy undercurrent but compared to regular chips it’s nothing. Also, the texture is light and airy, so these aren’t sitting in my stomach like potato chips would.


The pieces are optimally bite-sized.

And the best part is, these are made right out of the SW suburbs, minimizing the travel footprint for anyone else who lives out there.


How come no one told me quiche was so easy? Also, CSA! CSA! CSA!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (99% of people outside the US, basically, because we are the one country I’ve been to that relies so heavily on supermarket produce), a CSA is where you buy shares in a local/regional farm or group of farms and you either pick up, or they send you, fresh produce in return.

I think I’ve made this clear, but I’m not a huge cooker. So when I saw that they had a box that was composed with a specific recipe in mind, I was like okay, I’ma get this and the fruits because to be honest if I just get produce I’m going to eat it raw. (The fruit box is perfect for me. Even if I live in a vile part of the country that, ugh, goes apple-mad in fall.)

The thing is, I’ve had this pretty stuck mental image of quiche being gourmet food. I think this is because all the fancy parties have those delicious mini-quiches. Suffice it to say that the month we ate daily at Baker’s Square, I pretty much thought that’s what high rollers do.