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What happened to poo-free?

So I spent a couple months diligently using baking soda and apple cider as recommended. The end result?

I go home and my mother is just like, dude, your hair is a greasy nightmare. (Except in Hindi. And she doesn’t say ‘dude’ in any language.)

And she was spot-on.

My comb was testimony enough to that. I kept hoping it was just stray baking soda, but, well. No.

I see posts saying that people had to add coconut oil to their hair—which makes me think there’s a bit of an ethnicity issue, because I have so much hair, and it is really rough, thick hair, and it gets unbelievably greasy if left to its own devices.

To be honest I don’t have the patience to try the fancier alternatives. So it’s back to shampoo for now. But the one thing I’ve really gotten out of this, which is great, is that I don’t need to wash my hair more than 2-3 times a week. Previously I washed it almost every day, which was ridiculous.


Poo-free Day 2

Ok…so I read some more blogs and found out that you’re supposed to baking soda more the roots, and apple cider the tips…my hair is now fluffy at the bottom and kind of greasy on top. I think I am going to apple cider the top next time.

Day 1 of ‘No Poo’

After reading a bunch of stuff talking about how shampoo is actually worse for thick, curly hair (it’s a detergent, etc etc see link), I’ve finally decided to give it a try.

Even if I weren’t eco-obsessed and cheap as hell, I’ve become gradually convinced that shampoo isn’t that good for me. For one, when I dropped from using Head & Shoulders every other day to something like once a week, my dandruff got way better. And for the past few months, I’ve been cutting back conditioner use—went from daily to maybe twice a week. Yes, it was gross and my head got kind of greasy in between, but I’m anticipating way fewer problems with this.

So, anyway, Day 1. Dropped into the pool for a bit. Added ~1tbsp baking soda to a spray bottle of water (I’m not sure why none of the links I found recommend using spray bottles, I found it hella convenient), and then ~1tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a second spray bottle. If you’re wondering about the approximations…look at the recipes on this blog. I have a problem.

I sprayed my hair a shit-ton with the baking soda and slightly less with the vinegar (not a fan of the smell) and, right now, it feels awesome. We’ll see how things go.