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In which I try a number of vegan protein powders

…and am very surprised to discover my favorite is HEMP70.

I’ve had a fair bit of Vega’s various flavors, another vegan protein blend, PlantFusion, and at least a couple other things, but somehow the one I’ve liked most is the HEMP70 vanilla (aside from Naked’s banana chocolate protein drink, I’m just not a fan of chocolate-flavored mystery protein). The only downside is that it’s clumpy as hell, more so than the other ones.

As to nutrition values…I don’t actually read that stuff. Yes, I’m trying to put on more muscle, but ketone bodies ew.

The other product I have enjoyed a lot is the Athletic Superfood powder, which mixes with water to create a weirdly delicious green thing.


Beanfield’s bean & rice chips



Quick Review: chickpea snacks from The Good Bean


Another one from the Vegan Cuts snack box, this is The Good Bean’s cracked pepper chickpea snack. I was apprehensive since the cover had those little brown chickpeas on them (I don’t even like falafel), but fortunately the inside appears to only contain garbanzo beans.