vegan & vegetarian (mis)adventures in food


In the past, I’ve been uploading recipes on my blog. All the stuff I’ve uploaded is relatively simple business: guacamole sandwich, eggless lime bars, vegan “stuffed” portobello mushroom, awesome guacamole, and guacamole with mango.

I don’t even eat guacamole that often! It’s just so easy to make, and it’s guaranteed to taste good. You can’t go wrong with avocadoes, and even mediocre guacamole is better than, say, a burnt pile of crap stuck to the bottom of a pan.

Now, that’s guacamole. The other 95% of the time, I’m actually a total foodie. The foods I want to make at home are the ones I don’t trust restaurants to do exactly as I like them…which means some major fancy business.

Especially if you know me, you will find this hilarious, but hopefully we can all learn ways to cope with (fancy) food. And learn from my persistent mistakes. Pretty much everything posted here is the first time I’m making that recipe. Fair warning, though, I learned secret cooking skills from my mother. Two important tips:

  • Use your nose.
  • Use. Your. Nose.

I have an excessively great sense of smell (cutting onions is a nightmare), so I get by ignoring recipes more than a lot of people.


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